GreenTech Hub for Advanced Horticulture
Equipped with cutting-edge technology and offering a full-service research solution.

Located in the heart of Kent at NIAB’s East Malling site

The GreenTech Hub for Advanced Horticulture provides the UK the horticulture and viticulture industry with access to a new state-of-the-art research facility.

It includes almost 2,000m2 of specialist glasshouses, 14 modern polytunnels, growth rooms and cold rooms. A Wine Innovation Centre and Research Winery will also be available.

Plant growth and management is provided by an experienced team of horticultural husbandry staff, working in consultation with leading crop research scientists.


Installed to reflect modern glasshouse facilities, featuring:

  • 1,928m² of glasshouses with compartments ranging from 24-352m²
    Nine climate-controlled compartments with heating and cooling facilities
  • HPS and LED lighting available
  • Irrigation: Misting, drip and hand watering facilities
  • Moveable benches with ebb and flow tops
  • Insect-proofed netted compartments and lockable zones for high-risk pest and pathogen research
  • All facilities installed to reflect modern commercial glasshouse facilities.

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14 modern polytunnels (totalling 1,960m²)

Easy washdown to maintain high levels of biosecurity.


Plant Growth Rooms

  • Seven independently-controlled environmental growth rooms, from 10m² to 20m²
  • Temperature controls from 15°C to 38°C
  • High-tech humidity control for uniform environments
  • A vernalisation chamber with ranges from 4°C to 21°C
  • Containment level 2 growth rooms which are suitable for licenced pathogen work
  • Broad-spectrum LED plant growth lighting (500-800 μmols/m²/s), allowing for deep light penetration in dense crops.

Cold Rooms and Laboratory Area

  • 35m² and 43m² cold rooms, with full temperature control of -2°C to +4°C
  • A fully equipped laboratory space for sample preparation and processing



Wine Innovation Centre and Research Winery

A 260m² research winery, coming soon. Including:

  • Fermentation area
  • Temperature controlled cellar
  • Pressing room
  • Laboratory area.

Client Zone

A modern meeting room with AV support is available for hire. The atrium, with stunning views across the vineyard, is a flexible space suitable for a range of events.

The Future of Sustainable Horticultural Research

The GreenTech Hub for Advanced Horticulture will help find solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing growers and food producers. From developing more sustainable crop production systems, to reducing waste and implementing efficient use of resources including water, nutrients and light.

By incorporating technology used by the most advanced commercial growers, our scientists will accurately demonstrate solutions the industry can adopt.

The specialist glasshouses, high-tech growth rooms and modern polytunnels complement NIAB’s existing facilities, including:

  • extensive laboratory facilities
  • field plantings of major horticultural crops
  • demonstration plantings to showcase the latest technologies and growing systems

Environmental Sustainability

The Hub has been built using the latest environmental technologies:

  • Solar PV
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • An energy dashboard for growth rooms and cold stores.

Read how the new facilities will enable NIAB to support the development of new sustainable production systems and help the fresh produce sector respond to the impact of climate change.


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