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Jo Pullen

Jo Pullen

Ask me about business growth, innovation & npd



Jo has a passion for people, getting under the skin of real issues, understanding motivations and behaviour to solve problems rather than implement useless products.

Jo is a highly skilled and experienced, working across industry to help teams truly understand their customers, users and communities, identifying opportunities for innovation or development steeped in true person-centred design. Much of Jo’s experience includes social innovation having led on amazing social impact projects covering pregnancy, health, housing and nutrition for high profile charities and government authorities.


Jo is a passionate and charismatic leader; she is as much at home on the frontline observing and conducting meaningful research to engaging leaders in the boardroom. 

“ her ability to pick up what others don’t. I honestly thought we understood our user.”

“her approach was like a trusted pair of hands that challenged us just on the right side of uncomfortable, with amazing results to boot”

“The fact Jo is out there brought a ‘realness’ to the approach, she had examples of what works and always new ways to try things’

How can I help...

  • Business development/innovation
  • Idea development
  • Leadership/culture
  • Market research
  • Research and development
  • Value proposition development