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Kevin Cowan

Kevin Cowan

Ask me about change management


Kevin is an entrepreneur and investor in the recruitment, career change & coaching and freelancer community sectors. He previously ran a small headhunting firm that recruited top executives in the commodities industry and performed competitor market analysis and worked with people all over the world; including Singapore, London, Houston and Switzerland. He has 10+ years experience in the executive headhunting industry specialising in the commodities market with secondments to setup desks in M&A and FICC.

Kevin has invested as an angel investor and advised several startups - most notably Ithaca.digital (fundraising facilitator) and Freshtrends (Ecommerce, Jewellery manufacturing). He also consults growing companies in the area of people, culture and growth - in particular helping business owners develop, nurture and appreciate their teams.

He is passionate about disability rights & advocacy, environmental conservation and youth career development. 

How can I help...

  • Business Development / Innovation
  • Leadership/Culture
  • People Management & HR
  • Change Management
  • Employment Law and Practise
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Strategy
  • Fundraising and Investment
  • Sustainability/Net Zero