Driving Innovation and Wealth Creation

Growing Kent & Medway is a world-class research, innovation and enterprise cluster supporting growth in technology-driven horticultural production, fresh produce packaging, food and drink processing, and its supply chains.

We bring together innovative growers and processors, scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs to deliver a shared goal of improving productivity and sustainability in the sector.

Growing Kent & Medway drives innovation and wealth creation by stimulating a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem that enables new and existing enterprises to develop and thrive. It connects industry with technologists and researchers to address the challenges faced by the sector and its supply chains. And, it acts as a catalyst to commercialise technologies for climate-smart food production, the exploitation of novel crops and plant compounds, value addition and waste minimisation.

Growing Kent & Medway is regionally focussed but globally relevant— Our unique geography means we are home to most of the UK’s high-value horticultural production, packaging and processing, and a major gateway to global markets. The growth opportunity for the sector, the region and its emerging technologies is significant.

We are building on Kent and Medway’s established reputation and industry base to make this region one of the most dynamic, competitive and successful horticultural and Agri-tech locations in the World.