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NIAB Tree Fruit Day


Time: 9.50 AM - 3.15 PM

Date: 22.02.2024

Location: Online

NIAB Tree Fruit Day

Event Description

NIAB’s 2024 Tree Fruit Day will provide the industry with a comprehensive overview of researchers are supporting UK tree fruit growers in their quest to remain profitable and sustainable. 

Updates from Growing Kent & Medway funded research will be shared at the event. 

09:50  Introduction and welcome

Session 1: New developments and post-harvest research

10:00 Growing Kent & Medway: Supporting sustainability and innovation in the tree fruit sector (Robert Saville, NIAB and Rachel McGauley, British Apples and Pears Ltd)

10:15 Monitoring energy use of apple stores and managing apple maturity at harvest using a sprayable formulation of 1-MCP (AF-701) by AgroFresh (Richard Colgan, University of Greenwich)

10:35 M200 – A new rootstock bred by NIAB at East Malling (Feli Fernandez, NIAB)

10:50 Speeding up the process of apple breeding  (Amanda Karlstrom, NIAB)

Session 2: Novel approaches to pest and disease control

11:15 New research into apple scab control (Tom Passey and Katie Stewart, NIAB)

11:30 Latest developments in apple canker research (Mat Papp-Rupar and Louisa Robinson, NIAB)

11:50 Control of brown rot in cherry (Mat Papp-Rupar, NIAB)

12:05 Apple replant disease and soil amendments (Tom Passey, NIAB)

12:20 Wildflower mixes dedicated to tree fruit pollination (Celine Silva, NIAB)

Session 3: Pest and ecology research in tree fruit

13:15 Woodlice in apple orchards – a new problem (Jude Bennison, ADAS)

13:30   Woolly apple aphid control using earwig inoculations (Michelle Fountain, NIAB)

13:45   New techniques to control apple sawfly (Francesca Elliott, NIAB)

14:00   Brown marmorated stink bug and its spread in the UK (Francis Wamonje, NIAB)

14:15 Review of codling moth control (Charles Whitfield, NIAB)

14:30 Development of pheromones for forest bug control  (Francis Wamonje, NIAB)

14:45   The impact of SWD bait sprays on non-target insects (Adam Walker, NIAB)

15:00   Latest results with sterile insect technique for SWD control (Glen Slade, BigSis)

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