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Modern commercial glasshouse facilities

Crop research / agronomy

NIAB (East Malling Site)

General description

Climate controlled compartments might be used to compare crop performance at different light, temperature and humidity regimes using new or existing varieties. Compartments could be used to assess novel approaches to pest or disease control in a controlled environment. Nutritional research on a range of crops could be undertaken to develop precision fertigation regimes.

Technical description

1,928 sq. metres of glasshouse space including compartments ranging from 24 - 325 sq. metres. Nine climate controlled compartments with heating and cooling facilities. HPS and LED lighting available. Shading and blackout screens available. Mist, drip and hand-watering irrigation facilities. Moveable benches with ebb and flow tops. Insect-proofed netted compartments and lockable zones for high risk pest and pathogen research. All compartments installed to reflect modern commercial glasshouse facilities.

Use: Trial space (e.g. glasshouse compartment)

Location: ME19 6BJ

NIAB (East Malling Site)