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Resin 3D Printer


Canterbury Christ Church University

General description

Our suite of plastic 3D printers uses an additive manufacturing process to create prototype products using plastic, ceramic and cellulose materials. Designed to be used with either CAD or 3D Modelling this equipment can be used to model and produce highly specialised end-use parts with complex geometry or structures. Furthermore, due to the inbuilt processes, errors in modelling can be rectified prior to the commencement of printing, resulting in a higher level of accuracy in the end product. The use of a 3D printer can enable fast prototyping, reduced manufacturing costs, improved product quality or product customisation.

Technical description

Our suite of 3D printers are capable of printing using a number of things – including plastics, ceramics and cellulose based materials. The printer works by exposing a layer of photosensitive resin to a UV-laser beam which results in the resin hardening in the desired pattern. This is then built in thin layers until the desired product is complete.

Location: CT1 1QB