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Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Engineering and automation

Canterbury Christ Church University

General description

A Fibre Laser unlike a CO2 laser is a cutting Machine is typically used to cut various ‘reflective’ materials including sheet metal, carbon steel, Stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and titanium. With capacity to cut something as thick as 12MM, a fibre laser is an important tool used within prototype and product development, allowing for accurate design and clean cuts.

Technical description

Similar to a CO2 Cutter, the Fibre machines work using light which is directed through a fibre-optic cable which works to intensify the beams power before being used to cut the given material. The laser produced works by using ‘thermal separation’. In short, the laser beam hits the surface of the given material and heats the product to a point of vaporization. Once the laser has completely penetrated the material, the cutting process begins.

Location: CT1 1QB