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ViscoQuick RVA

Developing food products

Medway Food Innovation Centre, University of Greenwich

General description

This equipment can be used to study gelation behaviour of starch, proteins and hydrocolloids, which can be used in new product development (such as gluten free products) as well as product development and analysis.

Technical description

The ViscoQuick can assess the rheological characteristics of a variety of substances such as pastes, sauces, creams, slurries, and fluids under different shear and temperature conditions, catering to a broad spectrum of applications. Furthermore, it can also analyse the gelatinisation and cooling patterns in diverse starch, protein and hydrocolloid-based products.

Use: Product analysis (e.g. fat/texture)

Location: Chatham Maritime, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4JB

Medway Food Innovation Centre, University of Greenwich