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Growing Green Case Studies

Every business is different, meaning your sustainability and net-zero journey is yours to shape.

This case study series, Growing a Green Business, was created to showcase the projects funded by the Growing Green programme. Some focused on waste product re-use, some on adopting different technology, others on energy efficiency, but each business came up with a decarbonisation project best suited to their operations.

Reducing distillery water usage by 90% through re-use

Pleasant Land Distillery, Ashford

Water is becoming scarcer as a resource. Contract distiller, Sebastian Barnick, from Pleasant Land Distillery is implementing a system that will enable him to have 10% of the water usage of a regular distillery and wants to share the knowledge with other small-scale distillers.

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Sebastian Barnick, co-founder of Pleasant Land distillery

Turning 30 tonnes of food waste into profit

Nim's Crisps, Sittingbourne

Food waste is a big issue within the agri-food sector and for business owner, Nimisha Raja, of Nim’s Fruit Crisps this latest investment will not only massively cut down her food waste but open up a new business market.

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Sorting through Nim's Crisps apple core waste

Saving 20% on energy bills through cold store efficiency

JIB Cannon and Son, Tonbridge

With rising fuel prices hitting horticultural and agricultural growers, every saving counts. Giles Cannon, from JIB Cannon & Sons, a Kent-based fruit farm, is trialling a solution for his cold store that could help him reduce his energy bills by 20% across his business.

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aerial view of JIB Cannon farm cold store with solar panels

Insulating an electric van to cut 3000kg of carbon dioxide emissions

Ro-Gro, Sittingbourne

By insulating his electric vehicle and making it fit for transporting fresh produce, microgreens grower, Jason Perrot, is reducing 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to using a diesel van.

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Charging RoGro electric van

Dehusking machine for nuts creates new market

Roughway Farm Online, Tonbridge

Hitting net-zero as a business means looking across all your operations. Tom Cannon, of Roughway Farm Online, is designing a new machine to efficiently remove the leaf from his cobnuts, helping him properly segregate waste to find new uses for his by-products and reduce product refrigeration time.

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Handful of cobnuts after dehusking at Roughway Farm

Encouraging bottle reuse rather than recycling

Zak's Kombucha, Wye

Of the 3 R’s, Reuse comes before Recycle. That’s what kombucha brewer, Zak Tozer, from Zak’s Kombucha, sets out to achieve with his bottle return scheme for customers buying his beverages.

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Zak's Kombucha glass bottles