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Agri-Waste Exchange Map

Find value in your waste. Connect with other businesses to repurpose and find value in agri-waste and by-products.

Tomato leaves and prunings


Prunings and trimmings (e.g. tomato leaves, fruit tree prunings, green waste)

I am seeking regular supplies of tomato plants, including the leaf and stem.

Used polytunnel plastic


Plastics and films/agriplastics

We are looking for the plastic wrapping from polytunnels. It can be in poor condition and damaged.

Test flower/ fruit waste


Excess fresh produce

Test I am looking for some nice smelling waste items for my potpourri business

Varied fresh produce or prunings


Prunings and trimmings (e.g. tomato leaves, fruit tree prunings, green waste), Excess fresh produce

Seeking varied fresh produce or prunings that can be used for materials research

DRAFT DISCLAIMER: Growing Kent & Medway takes no responsibility for the transactions which take place using the Agri-waste Exchange Map.

The map is intended to create introductions between businesses that may wish to trade with each other.

All agreements are arranged directly between the different parties, including costs, transportation and collection.

We have no liability for damage, death, personal injury, loss of profit or loss of business.

By posting your listing on the map, you agree to be contacted by third parties for enquiries about your listing. 

Food Loop

If you are seeking or offering surplus food waste, please contact our partners at Food Loop as we do not handle food waste that can be used directly in the food chain. 

Go to Food Loop

View our case studies

Growing speciality mushrooms from whiskey waste


Canterbury Brewers & Distillery are testing growing mushrooms using the waste from their whiskey distillation with unexpected results

Dehusking machine for nuts creates new market


With a new dehusking machine, Tom Cannon, of Roughway Farm Online, can segregate his cobnut waste and develop uses for the by-product.

Reducing distillery water usage by 90% through re-use


Sebastian Barnick, Director of Pleasant Land Distillery, is installing a system that will enable him to cut the distillery’s water usage by 90%.

Turning 30 tonnes of food waste into profit


For Nimisha Raja, owner of Nim’s Fruit Crisps, this latest investment will not only cut down her food waste but open up a new market.