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 Prof Debbie Rees

Prof Debbie Rees

Technical Expert

University of Greenwich


Debbie is a Biologist working in the Natural Resources Institute (NRI). During her career, she has worked as a crop physiologist in the UK and overseas, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Currently, Debbie is a lead scientist at the Produce Quality Centre (PQC), which is a centre of excellence run by NRI focusing on research and enterprise to optimise the handling and storage of fresh produce. Her main areas of interest are: Optimising storage conditions for fresh produce to extend storage life, improve quality and reduce waste. To achieve this Debbie is interested in methods of monitoring produce and its response to storage, including packaging. Developing and testing technologies to extend storage of both fresh produce and processed products. Working with packaging companies to develop and test sustainable packaging solutions for fresh and processed food products. Accelerated shelf-life testing for processed food and drink products.

Area of expertise

  • Sustainable Packaging
    • Storage and shelf-life
    • Internal packaging environments 
  • Post-harvest technology
    • Transportation 
    • Quality management