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Using biochar from farm waste to lock carbon into soils

University of Kent

Project objectives

Biochar is an ancient technology that this project is looking to bring into the 21st Century. Instead of burning farm waste, such as tree prunings, we can turn this into biochar. Biochar is a pure form of carbon that can be applied to the land and improve soil health. This research will examine both the impact on the carbon locked into soils and improvements to soil fertility. “We tapped into the Growing Kent & Medway funding because we wanted to build an alliance with the University of Kent. We have some good practical ideas we want to develop and demonstrate, but we really want to add the academic verification to that.” Doug Wanstall, Advisor, Re-generation Earth. Re-generation Earth works with landowners to develop projects using their natural assets, like soils, waterways or hedgerows, to identify where they can capture more C0² and increase biodiversity commercially. They are based in Sittingbourne.

Further details
Lead Researcher: Robert Barker and Anastasios Tsaousis
Industry: Vegetables & salads, Pulse grains or cereals
Industry partners: Re-generation Earth
Topic: Soil & substrates
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway