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Boosting water efficiencies of high-care controlled environment horticulture in Kent using new innovative British technology


Project objectives

GrowUp Farms is passionate about creating a more sustainable food system. At their vertical farm in Pepperness, Kent, they produce longer-lasting leafy greens with a low environmental footprint. Their ‘Unbeleafable’ and ‘Fresh Leaf Co’ salad brands are sold in large UK supermarkets. GrowUp is committed to using fewer resources to produce more food. They are particularly focused on how much water they use. This project will investigate how they can improve their water efficiency, using next-generation technology. It will focus on recovering and reusing their waste water to see if they can take better advantage of using rainwater collected from their roof.

Further details
Industry: Vegetables & salads, Packaged food and drink
Industry partners: GrowUp Farms
Topic: Water, Vertical Farming
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway
Project start date: Jan-2024
Project end date: Sep-2024