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Application of Agri-Residues (second harvest) as bio-fillers in injection moulded plastic blends for use in fresh produce packaging


Project objectives

Tensei specialises in natural fibres to produce innovative materials, using bio- and agricultural waste. They focus on the use of ‘Second Harvest’, any agri-residues that are left over from primary food crop harvests. Traditionally these residues have provided very low-income revenue streams or have even had no use at all. At Tensei, they incorporate ‘Second Harvest’ into injection moulded polymers to reduce the need for virgin and recycled plastics. This could create a new revenue stream for growers and farmers. Their grant project will trial new locally sourced agri-waste products. They will be working to find the right blends for polymer compounds to replace plastic and improve the mechanical properties of the final product.

Further details
Industry: Fruit, Vegetables & salads, Pulse grains or cereals
Topic: Packaging
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway
Project start date: Aug-2023
Project end date: Apr-2023