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Production of insect protein feed through valorisation of ‘organic waste’ from UK farms

University of Kent

Project objectives

Every year the UK imports 2M tonnes of soymeal for animal feed. Fluctuating prices, transport and deforestation mean this is economically and environmentally unsustainable. Food wasted in the UK across the food supply chain post amounted to 9.5M tonnes in 2018, contributing to 6-7% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.? We are using Black Soldier Fly Larvae to tackle these challenges by creating a more complete system for farms. By feeding excess and spoilt fruit and veg to the larvae, producers cut their waste directly, the larvae get to work upcycling the waste into a more valuable source of protein that can be used as low carbon feed for animals while the waste from this process can be used as biostimulant for crops. Through this research we are optimising the process, allowing producers to reduce their waste at the same time as reducing their costs and environmental impact.

Further details
Lead Researcher: Dr Robert Barker
Industry: Alternative proteins/meat & dairy substitutes
Industry partners: Inspro Ltd
Topic: Alternative proteins
Funded by: Innovate UK
Project start date: Sep-2021
Project end date: Dec-2023