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Optimising the propagation environment in controlled environment systems to maximise strawberry yields


Project objectives

Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) growing systems offer a potential solution to our expanding population, climate change and food security. The strawberry industry is keen to employ such systems in the propagation of high quality planting material. Working with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, technology companies and growers, NIAB scientists will develop a method to produce high quality, virus-and disease-free strawberry plant propagules with assured high cropping potential in TCEA systems.

Lead Researcher: Mark Else
Industry: Fruit
Industry partners: Vertical Future, Berry Garden Growers, The Blaise Plant Co. , Cocogreen, Clockhouse Farm, Delta T Devices, Hugh Lowe Farms, Linton Growing, University of Reading
Topic: Crop protection (pests, diseases and weeds), Plant physiology, Breeding, Vertical Farming
Funded by: Defra
Project start date: Jun-2023
Project end date: May-2026