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Sustainable management of apple canker


Project objectives

NIAB scientists will study a bacterial endophyte (from the genus Sphingomonas) associated with both scion tolerance and canker control, and also known to promote plant growth, to understand if it persists from season to season or whether repeated application is necessary. In addition, the scientists will study the impact of soil pH, soil organic matter and nutrient levels and type, on the development of canker symptoms from latent infection that occurred in the nursery. This could help growers to select sites with minimal risks to canker development during tree establishment.

Lead Researcher: Xiangming Xu
Industry: Fruit
Industry partners: WorldWide Fruit Ltd, Avalon Fresh
Topic: Crop protection (pests, diseases and weeds)
Funded by: BBSRC
Project start date: Oct-2023
Project end date: Sep-2025