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Digital Crop Management for glasshouse pests and diseases


Project objectives

Traditional crop scouting often identifies issues after damage has already begun. This work will utilise the latest diagnostic technology and agronomic knowledge to co-develop a crop scouting service, informed by spectral diagnostics (wearable and mounted diagnostic hardware) that can detect the early establishment of any event which adversely affects yield, and which can be integrated within crop management systems. The work will focus on glasshouse tomatoes and peppers, but the results will benefit growers of other protected crops, allowing them to implement management and control earlier. Funded by Defra and UKRI Farming Innovation Programme

Lead Researcher: Charles Whitfield
Industry: Vegetables & salads
Industry partners: Abbey View Produce, British Tomato Growers Association, Fargro, Fotenix, Thanet EArth
Topic: Crop protection (pests, diseases and weeds), Automation, AI and Robotics
Funded by: Defra
Project start date: Jan-2023
Project end date: May-2026