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Enhancing Soil Health Through Innovative Microbiome Manipulation

University of Kent

Project objectives

Black Soldier Fly Larvae can convert organic material, such as food waste, into valuable resources like animal feed and natural fertilisers. This project will look at how soil health could be improved by manipulating the gut microbiome of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae by changing their diet. This could improve the larvae’s ability to process waste produce, creating the right nutrients to enrich the soil. The University of Kent’s cutting-edge genetic sequencing techniques will be applied to help us understand how different diets and environments from different on-farm waste streams can impact the gut microbiome of black soldier fly larvae. In turn, how the natural fertiliser they produce can improve the nutrient availability and microbial diversity in soil.

Lead Researcher: Anastasios Tsaousis
Industry partners: Inspro
Topic: Soil & substrates, Food waste
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway
Project start date: Jun-2024
Project end date: May-2025