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Enhancing the Uptake of UK Hops by National Breweries through Comprehensive Hop Sensory and Chemical Assessments

University of Kent

Project objectives

This project will work closely with a Kent-based hop breeder and academics at the University of Kent to conduct a thorough sensory and chemical evaluation of UK hop varieties to increase their use in brewing. The research team will delve into the unique aroma, flavour, and chemical composition of UK hops. This will give breweries valuable information, helping them to select and use the right hops for their needs. Through expert sensory evaluations and advanced chemical analyses, the project aims to showcase the quality and versatility of UK hops. Ultimately, this initiative strives to promote sustainability, support local growers, and celebrate the rich heritage of British hops in the brewing industry.

Lead Researcher: Helen Cockerton
Industry: Hops
Industry partners: Ramsgate Brewery
Topic: Flavour, taste, texture & nutrition, Breeding
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway
Project start date: Jul-2024
Project end date: Jul-2025