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Development of stable and clean label mochi ice cream recipes capable of withstanding temperature fluctuation

University of Greenwich

Project objectives

The quality of frozen food can be impacted by significant fluctuations in the temperature they are stored at. When frozen produce is distributed through the supply chain, it is difficult to guarantee it is kept at a consistent temperature. Preservatives and artificial ingredients can help to offset those fluctuations. Mochi Bros currently produce clean-label mochi ice cream, with only natural ingredients, meaning the products are susceptible to texture degradation due to large temperature fluctuations. Using the technical expertise at the Medway Food Innovation Centre, this project will look at reformulating the product using novel ingredients to find an innovative solution to safeguard against temperature changes in the supply chain.

Lead Researcher: Osama Maklad
Industry: Alternative proteins/meat & dairy substitutes, Packaged food and drink
Industry partners: Mochi Bros
Topic: Food quality, Novel ingredients
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway
Project start date: Apr-2024
Project end date: Mar-2025