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Berry Fresh Initiative: Evaluating the Impact of Decontamination on the Sensory Properties of Strawberry


Project objectives

Dry fogging with Hypochlorous Acid (Electrolysed Water), traditionally a decontamination method prevalent in healthcare settings, presents a promising avenue for adaptation in the agricultural sector. This technology could be translated to fresh produce growing environments, offering an alternative method to reduce disease and pest during the growing season. It could also improve the quality of produce and extend shelf-life post-harvest. This project will give Aridom Sanex access to the strawberry-growing expertise and research facilities in the GreenTech Hub at NIAB. The project will optimise the decontamination process for its application in strawberries to ensure the decontamination effects are achieved, whilst not compromising on plant or fruit quality. It will also test to ensure food safety standards are met.

Lead Researcher: Abi Johnson
Industry: Fruit
Industry partners: Aridiom Sanex
Topic: Crop protection (pests, diseases and weeds)
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway
Project start date: May-2024
Project end date: May-2025