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Understanding the true medicinal value of mushrooms

University of Greenwich

Project objectives

There has been a surge in popularity and interest in the use of medicinal mushrooms, with many supplements and powders now available. With no standardised testing methods, the industry faces a challenge with unsubstantiated health claims and inaccurate product testing methods. Current tests for key compounds like beta-glucans 1-3, 1-6 and triterpenes lack precision and enable companies to make exaggerated assertions about the products’ benefits. This project pairs a company looking to elevate the integrity of their products, with a research team with a track record in developing diagnostic tests. Together, the collaboration aims to revolutionise the testing protocols for these key compounds and set new industry standards. The aim is to improve the integrity of product labelling across the medicinal mushroom industry, instilling confidence in consumers, healers and herbalists.

Lead Researcher: Andrew Armitage
Industry: Mushrooms
Industry partners: Margate Mushrooms
Topic: Flavour, taste, texture & nutrition, Food quality
Funded by: Growing Kent & Medway
Project start date: May-2024
Project end date: Mar-2025